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Bruno Lafon Selection

As one of the founders of DIVA Wine USA, Bruno Lafon helped develop our DIVA Wine network portfolios and introduce the best of them to the US markets for more than 20 years. In the summer of 2018, Bruno had the opportunity to take over the company and lead its evolution towards becoming BRUNO LAFON SELECTION.
Our team’s experience sourcing the best of French wine and building strong, well-established relationships with top French producers is what makes us unique. Bruno’s long-term objective has always been to focus on the true wine DNA which gives so much passion and pleasure.

Wine With Passion

Bruno Lafon Selection wines are wines Bruno personally endorses with passion. With more than 30 years of experience in wine-making and viticulture, Bruno has a unique insight and feeling for seeking out exceptional wines across the pricing spectrum to offer our discerning clients. His extensive experiences, first as Head of Comte Lafon in the 1980’s, then as founder of his own estate in the South of France, and subsequently as founder/partner of DIVA Sud in the late 1990’s have given him a unique and respected place in the international wine industry


for Our Wine Portfolio

The common thread that eloquently ties our wine portfolios together are:

  • Terroir expression, a true feeling of identity and place
  • Balance and elegance rather than big, blustery wines
  • Especially chosen family-owned producers committed to creating wines of integrity.
Backed by our dynamic US team in New York and Chicago, BRUNO LAFON SELECTION provides you with excellent personalized service and is your most efficient link toward consistently accessing the best wines top French producers have to offer.

Our long-established French offices in the regions of Rhône, Provence and the South of France, Loire, Alsace and Champagne, as well as in the Burgundy region all work collectively to guarantee you the best sourcing at direct prices from top producers.

TEAM SERVICE : Much more than a typical agency



Given that today wine consumers have greater awareness of wine pricing and an ease of access to information with this in mind, we endeavor to ensure the most direct pricing with best value possible, placing many of our offered wines on the shelves between $10 to $20.