Our French Offices

Diva Sud - Diva Nord - Burgundy


BRUNO LAFON SELECTION is an American company with established offices in the major wine regions who have for years worked to build their respective partnerships with the top predominantly family-owned estates of their regions. These renowned export management professionals and their talents, tenacity, and market expertise ensure that we are able to offer our wines at the best export value possible. All the wines/estates are not available in all US states. For further details please contact us.

Diva Sud:
Provence, the South of France and the Rhone region

Created by Bruno LAFON in 1999, DIVA SUD has worked successfully towards developing the potential of wines from the south of France, notably Provence and select Rhône wines, and the team’s remarkable mastery in sourcing has been the most important key of success. Export partner to over 150 wine estates in these regions, the DIVA SUD team (with the support of our export management/administrative staff) offers personalized sourcing and highly reactive and efficient export management services.

François joined Bruno and DIVA SUD in 2003, and he is our Rhône specialist based in the heart of Châteauneuf appellation.

Based in Provence, Camille is developing the fastest growing market category: the rosé wines.

Bruno is based in Languedoc and continues to develop partnerships for our select brands and international relations.

Diva Nord:
Champagne, Jura, Loire Valley, and Alsace

Based in CHAMPAGNE and JURA, DIVA NORD joins BRUNO LAFON SELECTION in continuing to develop close relationships to top wine-makers in these two renowned wine regions, as well as in the LOIRE VALLEY and in ALSACE.


Owners of a unique selection of wineries in Champagne and in Jura, Patrick and Sophie share their passion for wine and the terroirs and demonstrated over the years their commitment to the development of the fine wines from the 4 regions they promote internationally, and especially to US markets. Each with long careers in the wine and spirits business working for prestigious companies internationally before joining efforts in creating DIVA NORD, Sophie and Patrick have also created in their beloved JURA, Domaine des Carlines, a 10-hectares winery with the majority of the vineyards in the esteemed appellation Château-Chalon. Their first vintage just released has received outstanding criticism in the market.

Burgundy Office
for BRUNO LAFON SELECTION with Pierre Meurgey

Pierre Meurgey and Bruno both share long, illustrious family backgrounds in the Burgundy wine business and have come together after many years of winemaking experience and a lifelong friendship to create a joint wine brand solely dedicated to top value burgundy.